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Website of the Seminar on the Second Part of the Book "Understanding Machine Learning", taught in Summer Term 2019 by Pascal Welke and Michael Kamp

This website is the written documentation of the Seminar Principles of Data Mining and Learning Algorithms – „Selected Algorithms from Machine Learning and Data Mining“ MA-INF 4209, taught at the University of Bonn during the Summer Term 2019 by Pascal Welke & Michael Kamp.

The seminar is based on the book „Understanding Machine Learning“ by Shai Shalev-Shwartz and Shai Ben-David. Below, you find the write-ups of our sessions.

Session Presenter Book Chapter Link Screencast
1 Pascal Welke Part I Formal Models of Learning Screencast
2 Eric Hahn 14 Stochastic Gradient Descent Screencast
3 Thiago Bell 20 Neural Networks Screencast
4 Manuel Blatt 13 Regularization and Stability Screencast
5b Thiago Bell 15 Support Vector Machines Screencast
5b Eric Hahn 16 Kernel Methods Screencast
6 Manuel Blatt 11 Model Selection and Validation Screencast
X All All Collected Errata